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Military Surplus Tires & Wheels -- 37X12.50X16.5 Humvee tires--others up

Military Surplus Tires & Wheels -- 37X12.50X16.5 Humvee tires--others up

Military Surplus Tires & Wheels -- 37X12.50X16.5 Humvee tires--others up - $100

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USED HUMVEE TIRES & BEADLOCK WHEELS -- The West Coast"s Largest Selection of Surplus Humvee Tires& Wheels

37 X 12.5 X 16.5 Goodyear MT"s, MTR"s & BFG Baja T/A"s -- military surplus tires, used HUMVEE tires. Ride and wear excellent. Radial Tires. These are the cheapest, large, knobby tires you can find.

Any surplus HUMVEE tire with poor tread qualities or less than 80% tread remaining. . . $100 each.

All Humvee tires with 80% or more tread remaining with clean even wear:
Goodyear MT $150.00 each
BF Goodrich Baja T/A $200.00 each
Goodyear MTR $250.00 each

36 X 12.5 X 16.5 Goodyear RT/ II -- military surplus/ used HUMVEE tires, bias ply tires, measure a true 34" so these fit many trucks with mild or no lift.
$150.00 each

HUMVEE WHEELS -- Can be either Double Bead-locked or run like a standard wheel
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Stock Humvee wheels are all 16.5" wheels and are available in the 8 & 12 bolt count varieties. The more bolts the stronger. Stock Humvee wheels are 8x6.5" bolt pattern with 7" of backspacing. $100.00 each including new o-rings, nuts and valve stems.

Humvee wheels must be "re-centered" to fit most vehicles (re-centered wheels will run true at speed but are NOT DOT approved). Re-centering changes the backspacing to 3.5" and allows other bolt patterns to be installed. The following bolt patterns are available: 8x6.5, 8x1.70, 6 lug, 5x5.5, 5x5, 5x4.5
.Re-centered Wheels
8 bolt $150 each
12 bolt $175 each
24 bolt $200 each

Rubber inserts that go inside the tire are needed to create the double bead-lock. $50ea
Rock Rings for protection of bolts and valve stem when rock-crawling.. $50ea
Call for pricing on wheel and tire packages:36" or 37" x 16.5" wheel and tire sets starting at $1200.00 and $1400.00 for bead-locked wheels.

ULTIMATE Off-road Package wheel and tire package!!
43" X 13" Knobby tires from Russian military mounted on 18" Double Bead-locked wheels, 8X6.5" bolt pattern with 4" of backspacing $2400.00 for a set of 4

Michelin XL, XZL, XML Continental NATO tread, Goodyear AT-2A, & Russian military tires available. . ..38"-53"

$300 each on most tires 38" or larger

11.00R20. . .. . ..40"x12.50"
13R18. . .. . .. . ...43"x13"
395/85R20. . .....46"x14"
15.5/85/R20. . ..46"x15.5"
14.00R20. . .. . ..49"x14"
16.00R20. . .. . ..53"x16"

GOODYEAR MV/T 395/85R20 (46x14) available $400 each

20" HEMTT wheels, 10 hole Budd for large truck axles $250 each
Nylon bead-lock inserts for HEMTT wheels $50 each

Call or TEXT Marc 916-833-3001

Available at:
6060 Enterprise Dr.
Diamond Springs, CA 95619

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Posted: Aug-07-14

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